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With Veteran Ratings, you get what you're entitled to:

Your trusted advisor for VA disability benefits.

Whether you’re looking to increase your VA rating or file for the first time, we’ll give you the best options.

Our risk-free consultation provides an evaluation of your case to help identify your service-connected disabilities. Once we review your status and believe you are eligible, we will refer you to one of our Veteran Consulting partners that best fits your needs.

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You will speak with one of our Veteran Ratings team members to evaluate your service-connected disabilities and your current rating if you have one.


Once we make a decision on your eligibility and needs, we will refer you to one of our Veteran consulting partners.

Partner Consultation

You will have a consultation with one of our partners for a detailed outline of your potential new rating, their process, and what to expect.

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Supporting Veterans since 2016

Supporting Veterans since 2016

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Frequently Asked Questions

A service-connected disability refers to an illness or injury that was incurred or aggravated during active military service. This doesn't necessarily mean that the disability happened while in combat; it can also be due to any activity during service, whether it was training, duty, or any other military-related task. The VA determines whether a disability is service-connected based on evidence, such as military records, medical exams, and statements.

A disability rating is a percentage the VA assigns to quantify the severity of a Veteran's service-connected disability. The rating system ranges from 0% to 100%, in increments of 10, and reflects how much the disability decreases the Veteran's overall health and ability to function. This rating then determines the amount of compensation a Veteran will receive. A higher percentage indicates a more severe disability, resulting in higher monthly compensation.

If the VA assigned an incorrect rating, you can challenge their decision by proving that you qualify for a higher rating. Remember, if your conditions have worsened since you last applied, you can submit a new claim asking for an increased evaluation.

A "first-time filer" (FTF) is a term used to describe a Veteran who is applying for VA disability benefits for the first time. This could be a newly discharged service member or a long-term Veteran who has recently decided to pursue benefits for disabilities related to their service.

To get started, you'll need access to your VA.Gov or My Healthevet account — If you don't have either of these accounts, don't worry; we can guide you through getting your account active. The next step is to contact our team by filling out the form or scheduling an appointment, and our team will guide you through the rest.

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