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When filing for disability benefits, Veterans are left with minimal options. Most Veterans try to research this information on the VA’s website, but generally, get so overwhelmed with pages of statutes and legal information that is difficult to decipher. Veteran Ratings is a FREE service that helps Veterans identify possible disabilities that warrant an increase based on the severity of their symptoms. We put you in direct contact with Medical Providers (PCP) who know how to complete a Disability Benefits Questionnaire.

Veteran Ratings refers to licensed doctors, who know the VA’s claim process and understand how to complete a DBQ correctly. Most Primary Care Physicians do not know how to fill out a DBQ correctly and/or willing to spend the time to complete all the required paperwork.

Many Veterans who file for VA benefits are unaware of which disabilities they should claim. The Medical Providers in our Network review your claim to ensure all of your service-connected disabilities get reported to the Veterans Affairs. Incorrectly submitting your claim to the VA can reduce your financial benefit and cause years of frustration.

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