Boots On The Ground

An Extra Income Opportunity To Help Veterans Get The Benefits They Deserve.

Did You Know?

Who Are We?

We’ve Helped Over 21,000 Veterans

We aren’t the new kids on the block! We’ve helped Veterans get the disability benefits they deserve since 2016.

We Give Back

We see many of our Veterans struggling with mental health issues, so we started our foundation, VETERAN INK, to highlight their stories, and give back. Check it out!

We Know What We Are Doing

Not to brag, but our Case Managers are the best in the industry. We average a 95% success rate with the Veterans we can help.

How Does It Work?

You can earn extra income while helping Veterans in your network.

It’s extremely easy to earn in a few steps:

Sign Up

Sign up to become an Independent Marketer and receive a trackable QR code, direct line phone number for free consultations for your Veteran clients, and a link to your landing page to share with your Veteran network.

Refer a Veteran

Refer Veterans who may qualify for an increase on their disability rating or are looking to file a claim for the first time.

Earn Commission

Receive bi-weekly commission checks for every Veteran we can serve!


+$300 (Stroke)updated

Per Successful Lead!

$100 per qualified referral, $200 when the referral receives an increase!

Income growth potential

By starting with a focus of getting 20 clients signed up, you will start with $2,000, but that will continue to stack up as they finish their claim in the following months, and you get the additional $200. There’s great growth stack potential by growing your new clients a small amount each month!

Why Join veteran Ratings?

As a part-time Independent Marketer with us, you can earn upwards of
$10,000 extra a month or more and do it on your time while helping
Veterans earn more.

Who couldn’t use some extra income?

Expand Your Revenue

You’ll earn $100 per successful referral, and another $200 once they receive their increase!

Work with a Trusted Leader

We’ve been providing Veteran’s support for over 8 years and have a 95% success rate helping Veterans.

Earn at Your Own Pace and Time

As an Independent Marketer, when and how much is up to how hungry you are! Others have earned monthly commissions over $7,000 in as short as four months!

Who do we help?

Veterans from All Six Branches

Veterans from all six branches with a disability rating under 100% or are filing a disability claim for the first time.

Veterans with Current Disability Ratings

Veterans must be eligible for a rating increase and are not maxed out of their disability rating. Veterans can re-file and try to increase their ratings and we have a 95% success rate!

Veterans who are First Time Disability Filers

Many Veterans do not realize the benefits they are entitled to, or understand the conditions like migraines, that enable them to receive a disability rating from the VA.

We’ve helped over 21,000 Veterans since 2016!

See What Veterans Are Saying About Us

Maurice C.
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If you have reached frustration in trying to increase your benefits rating, try Veteran Ratings, they could be the perfect solution to your current situation...
Joshua D.
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I can't express how happy I am right now. I've tried repeatedly to get an increase from the VA with my service-connected disabilities, but it ultimately backfired. These guys helped me connect with knowledgeable case managers, resulting in a 100% disability rating.
Lamar D.
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Their staff helps out with the entire process from start to finish. During the process, they are there for you if you have any questions or need help dealing with the VA. They really know their stuff when it comes to veteran benefits or how the VA process goes.

Our Process With Veterans

FREE Consultation

Our team will talk with the Veteran to review their service-connected disabilities and current rating to see if we can help.

Medical Records Review

Our knowledgeable case managers review the medical records needed. We also refer Veterans to medical providers in the area who know the VA claim process.

Guidance through the VA process

Our medical providers provide Veterans with signed Disability Benefits Questionnaires. From there, we will guide the Veteran through the rest of the VA claim process.

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